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Our Coaching Approach

Our philosophy is that the long-term profitability and prosperity of a business is closely tied to its commitment to employee development.  Specifically:


  • When employees achieve, businesses thrive

  • Employee development integrated into an organization's vision, values, and key business challenges

  • Successful leaders recognize the balance between achieving business results and demonstrating effective leadership qualities 


We provide three forms of coaching that have provided our clients measurable results.


Effectiveness Coaching which includes:

  • Monthly “Coach OnsiteTM“

    • Coach is scheduled one day a month to be on-site

    • Anyone in the leadership/management team is able to schedule a session

    • Topics are driven by the individual

    • Sessions focused on current issues the individual needs help to address

    • Coach acts as a thought partner


 Transformational Leadership Coaching which includes:

  • Initial data gathering using surveys, interviews, and/or personality assessments

  • Analysis, interpretation and in-depth debrief of results which includes identification of strengths and opportunities for growth

  • Creation of individual development plan identifying critical milestones, measures of success and an end date

  • Ongoing coaching to support successful implementation of plan

o    Coaching sessions include experiential learning, open discussions, brainstorming with coach, articles, and exercises.

  • Follow-up report to measure and encourage progress against plan   

Leadership Readiness Approach which includes:

Leadership Readiness (Succession Planning) is designed to prepare for critical career passages whether it is moving up or out of an organization.  Alt Consulting’s facilitated process has shown documented success with identifying and developing key employees.  Based on objective assessment, open dialogue, planned development activities, and a color-coded chart to track progression, we have seen measurable results in lower turnover, improved employee engagement, and an increase in internal candidates filling positions.

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