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Our Assessments

Pulse Assessment

Performing an initial assessment, whether on a team, department, or organization is a systematic way of determining the current state before developing solutions to implement.  The assessment can be used to identify the gap between "what is" and "what should be" so appropriate structures, systems, and approaches can be put into place that will increase effectiveness, improve productivity, and augment the success of any initiative.


Alt Consulting’s Pulse Assessment provides an overview of how well the defined group is functioning not only from the member’s perspective but also from key individuals that are directly affected by the group.


Team Effectiveness Assessment

Alt Consulting begins teaming efforts with our Team Effectiveness Assessment.  This tool is a four part assessment where the individual rates him/herself as well as the other team members rating that individual. Feedback from others is combined for presentation however; the leader’s feedback is presented by itself.  It is not a 360 instrument since subordinates and peers outside the team are not asked to give feedback.  Individual as well as aggregate reports are provided.


Team Building sessions are then designed around the information from the assessment.  The team reviews the aggregate feedback, identifies areas the team needs to work on to move to the next level, a Team Action Plan is created with Individual Action Plans aligned.  Measures for success are identified at the Team and Individual level and methods of tracking attainment are agreed upon.


Additional Team Building sessions follow to address the specific issues or concerns the team identified


Employee Engagement Assessment

An Employee Engagement Survey is a systematic way of determining the current state of an organization and use that information to develop solutions to be implemented.  Business cultures are unique so surveys need to account for such differences.  Employee Surveys are no longer just about satisfaction but engagement and productivity.  They can be used to identify the appropriate organizational structures, training, and other productivity systems that need to be put into place.   They can also be used as an effective communication tool providing information upwards as well as outwards.




Other Assessments include Leadership Awareness (in self and 360 format) and Customer Satisfaction Survey (internal and external versions).

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