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Employee engagement is the desire of most organizations today.  An engaged workforce is a market differentiator and results in not only higher employee satisfaction but increased customer loyalty.  


Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work, fully involved in the organization, and act like owners.  It needs three things:


  • Authority: employees are given clear boundaries in which they can make decisions over the work they do and regarding their process,

  • Mastery: employees are given the training, skills, and tools they need to be successful, and

  • Purpose: employees are given a clear line of sight that ties what they do directly to the customer and the company outcomes.

You need to AMP your employees to engage them.

See how Alt Consulting can help you!


      Our consulting approach encompasses:



  • Measure where you are and where you want to go


  • Take advantage of strengths to maximize results


  • Achieve desired outcomes

Our Team
Cynthia Alt KSC 2010 photo.jpg
Cynthia Heller Alt, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Business Alignment, Leadership Development, Process Improvements, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Planning

Dr. Cynthia Alt has over 25 years consulting to both Fortune 200 companies and entrepreneurs.  With her roots in organizational development and change management, Dr. Alt's consultations range from strategic planning, organizational and leadership development, and business alignment initiatives.  All have resulted in increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction.  Her expertise resides in her ability to align individual and organizational goals in order to maximize productivity and obtain strategic goals in a measurable way.  Dr. Alt has consulted to executives and entrepreneurs on organizational development issues that include:


Coaching executives on aligning their individual and organizational goals in order to maximize productivity and obtain strategic goals resulting in measurable results for both.

Implementing leadership development initiatives for that build leadership bench strength in the organization for successful strategic plan execution and business alignment.

Assessing, designing, and implementing organizational cultures that result in increased employee and customer satisfaction and managing that change process.

Providing a dynamic learning environment for individuals and teams in order to improve processes and performance.

 Facilitating executive teams through strategic planning and business alignment exercises creating a valued proposition.

Cynthia's accomplishments range from:


Facilitated personal leadership growth using coaching principles and tools that resulted in increasing individual effectiveness and efficiency for senior leaders and high potentials in large and small organizations.

Provided guidance and direction in process mapping key processes that resulted in improved quality and productivity.

Designed and facilitated strategic planning/ business development sessions that resulted in reorganization and clarified role expectations.

Conducted team building sessions that created alignment of team members to team and organizational goals resulting in effective attainment of goals.


Cynthia received her PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1993; her dissertation focused on ways to induce creativity in teams.  She is currently an adjunct faculty member of University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business teaching in their Business Communication Department.  She is a full member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (participating on their Certification Expert Panel), The Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists, Human Resource Strategy Forum, and American Psychological Association.

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